Agricultural & Irrigation

Discover a world of healthy agriculture, fascinating farms, and mesmerizing landscapes

Agricultural & Irrigation

Efficient drainage, asset management & environmental preservation

Our GIS mapping techniques have been helping farmers and the Indian agriculture industry to grow to their fullest potential.

GISC takes advantage of the satellite and remote sensing technologies and maps not only for topography and crops but also for the help in developing elevation models for efficient drainage and levelling. These also help in managing and preserving the environment.

GIS mapping in the agricultural industry is vital to get accurate information of an agricultural landscape. We play an eminent role in the industry by helping farmers to increase production, improve understanding of farming areas, help promote agricultural development, and assist in identifying and handling issues important to strengthening the farming sector.

Our services and solutions can help in the following ways:

  • Crop mapping
  • Soil mapping
  • Land use / Land cover
  • Drought, flood mapping
  • Forestry mapping
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Erosion identification
  • Vegetation covers
  • Crop models
  • Pesticide management
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