Land Records & Information

Focusing on nation’s development that rests on better land resource management

Land Records & Information

Land resource management for urban and rural development

GISC renders a land resource management service which includes Cadastral Mapping involving a detailed map of the boundaries of land parcel. We also provide various other services and solutions which include Computerization of land records, setting up Modern Record Rooms, Training & capacity buildings.

We are providing comprehensive land survey services across the country to support our client’s needs using advanced methodologies that are evolving with changing technologies and refined through our decades of experience in the area.

These services are being provided to several prestigious projects of the country like NLRMP / DILRMP (Digital India National Land Records Modernization Programme) of the Government of India for the states of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The services include Ground Control Points Monumentation, Aerial Image Acquisition /Aerial Survey, Image Processing and Updating Cadastral Maps using DGPS and ETS technologies which are being used for the first time in the country.

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