Field Surveys

High-end surveys for better understanding of
that dynamic inventory of change called the Earth

Field Surveys

Providing accuracy of data, every time

GISC is well equipped to conduct all types of surveys

Our field surveyors are experts in conducting corridor survey, cadastral survey, ETS/GPS/DGPS survey, topography survey and more. We understand that the success of a project depends on the accuracy of the data. Our experienced surveying team is well trained and equipped with latest survey equipment as per the requirements of the survey. GISC has a vast experience of carrying out the survey work in various projects in the government sector.

We are well versed with advanced technologies and instruments like online mapping using smart phones/tablets, ETS, GPS, DGPS, electronic distance meter for location identification and measurement of properties and more.

  1. Utility

    GISC has an expertise in providing services for AM/FM mapping, HT and LT consumer indexing, Asset mapping, painting and billing for Electrical networking followed by physical verification using GPS and DGPS . These solutions are enterprise level solutions and are capable of catering to the ever increasing needs for a dependable & robust advanced solution. Our experienced engineers are well versed in handling GPS and DGPS surveys for gathering attributes based on the project requirements.
  2. Household Survey

    Household Survey means to contact each household or consumer individually. This kind of survey is very helpful for municipal bodies or ULBs while preparing development plans, identification of non assessed properties, property tax basement, water connection, birth and death registration and more. We offer GIS services which include digitization of household survey to collect the database which possesses attributes of each property with information like land owner, co-owner, mailing & permanent address, house style, built year and dimensions of house.
  3. Slum and Socio-Economic Survey

    GISC has been awarded with slum survey projects under Rajiv Awas Yojna with the mission of providing basic amenities. We have offered the flowing services
    • Slum survey each slum properties, filling up of questionnaire, bio-metric survey
    • Unique slum code was provided to each slum
    •GIS mapping of slums
    • Development of web-enabled MIS
    • Socio-Economic Survey of availing facility
    • DPR preparation

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