Powering customer experience in the telecom industry with spatial data


Strengthening the telecom sector

A telecom company possesses deep knowledge of its network facilities, assets as well strengths and potential of its existing and expected customers.

GIS is a technology that allows you to capture, manage, analyse and display spatial data for use in solving complex problems. GISC offers variety of services to telecom industries by providing accurate land base maps and mapping their optical access network.

It also builds understanding of overall telecom network creation process including data capture, network validation, data loading backed by work flow management systems, proven processes and quality management systems.

An integrated knowledge of the telecom network is a must for a Communication Service Provider to thrive in this highly competitive market.

GISC has an extensive experience in helping telecom service providers to achieve their customers’ demand while maintaining high quality, uninterrupted services. GISC’s geospatial support solutions improve the network efficiency and reduce costs of Communication Service Providers (CSP’s).  GISC’s telecom mapping services include:

  • GIS data management
    • Land base map
    • Data Conflation
    • Positional Accuracy Improvement
    • Facility mapping
  • Fixed and Mobile Wireless Network design
    • Fiber networks are the backbone of the telecommunications sector. The strength of the network determines the speed and volume of broadband data transfer across various channels. We provide services in the key areas of
      • Network Design, Adjustment and Rectification
      • Physical Network Inventory
      • Bill of Material (BOM)
      • Cross section profile creation
      • Facilities Data Clean-up
  • Network planning
    • This involves in determining where to place the components and how to connect them by adhering topological design, network synthesis, and network realization components.
  • Network mapping
  • Data Migration
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Assets Records Management
    • Legacy Records conversion
    • As-Built Data Capture and Update

Our experience includes supporting of local CSP’s (communication service providers) to international CSP’s. Our team can work remotely or on-site to improve the efficiency and quality of services.

We have an experience in using multiple GIS platforms and we have delivered projects within strict timelines and budgets.

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