OSPFM – Outside Plant Facility Management System

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OSPFM – Outside Plant Facility Management System

In today’s world information is power

OSPFM provides complete integrated knowledge of the telecom network to every desk in an organization.

OSPFM is an advanced solution which is flexible to integration with any OSS or DSS and helps in key decision making for various departments:

  • Network management
  • Network expansion
  • Fault repair & installation
  • Sales and marketing
  • CRM
  • Call Center

OSPFM provides a platform where network information from all the OSS is assimilated and processed to provide meaningful and relevant information on a single point of interface. Its architecture supports the persistent need for enhancements through a trouble-free and hassle-free service pack, without doing any modifications in the core product.

  1. Benefits of OSPFM Solution

    • Completely automated business processes and procedures provide an interface to manage the field network
    • Inherent workflow capabilities within the sub modules makes OSPFM level-headed
    • Scalable, cost-effective, easy to implement and user-friendly system
    • System is capable to tolerate high load when telecom network plans to expand in the future
  2. Why OSPFM?

    • Rapid introduction of communication technologies for faster and cheaper communication services creates additional complexities in service management
    • OSPFM caters to rapid need for evolution
    • Capable to support hybrid networks consisting of wired and wireless network elements
    • System is open and flexible to help an enterprise manage the complexities associated with today's communications environment
  3. OSPFM Solution Reporting

    • Different types of reports are provided for different levels of users in an organization.
    • OSPFM reports contain detailed summary and status wise contents to meet organization requirements
    • Satisfies needs of different stakeholders at different levels in telecom
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