Aerial and LiDAR Data Acquisition

Delivering critical geo-spatial insights for better opportunities

Aerial and LiDAR Data Acquisition

More than 10 years of expert experience

GISC provides aerial survey and LiDAR data acquisition for their clients

We use leading-edge technologies to deliver competitive, intelligent and innovative solutions. Our depth of experience facilitates solutions which are both cost effective and practical.

We are able to draw on an extensive range of resources providing depth of service and alternative solutions. We also offer a full support service to clients to leverage aerial data through Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Being customer focused, we actively assist clients to realize the potential of spatial data and the associated benefits.

  1. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)

    • Airborne laser scanning technology from Leica Geo-systems (Switzerland).
    • Combining state-of-the-art GNSS positioning, real-time measurements from military grade gyroscopes and accelerometers for orientation determination and survey grade laser ranging.
  2. Aerial Photography

    • Full-color digital imaging technology and optics from Leica Geo-systems (Switzerland).
    • Medium format photography to photogrammetric standards in combination with LiDAR.
  3. Deliverable Specifications

    • High survey point densities between 6 points per m² for rural areas to 60 points per m² for power line corridors.
    • High photo resolutions between 5 cm pixel sizes for specialist applications and 10 cm pixel sizes for corridors and larger areas of interest.
    • Accuracies better than 8 cm (vertical) and 2x pixel size (horizontal) at 1σ standard deviation.
    • Standard deliverables comprise of digital terrain models (DTMs), 0.25-meter contours and rectified orthophoto mosaics.

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