Information Services

Accelerating progress through geospatial technology

Information Services

Addressing operational, regulatory, and service needs

We recognize the usage and advantage of geospatial technology and strongly believe that GIS benefits most of the industries, enabling businesses across verticals to make informed, location-specific decisions.

We have continually serviced the diverse needs of our clients through our focused, innovative, and efficient services in all areas of spatial technology and applications.

We serve the following industries with our quality products and committed services:

  • Utilities
  • Land Records
  • Urban Development
  • Telecom, etc.
• Performance assessment
• Defining application/data migration strategies and GIS enterprise solutions strategy
• Supporting the implementation of geospatial solutions such as municipal GIS solutions, spatial data infrastructure, intelligent maps solutions, geo-portals, parcel fabric, smart grid and utilities, cloud solutions, and mobile GIS
• Design and develop customized GIS solutions on desktop, web, and mobile platforms
• Manage integration of GIS with existing IT systems
• Offer our expertise in multiple development programming interfaces
• Aerial and satellite mapping to generate maps
• Expertise in geodatabase modeling and management
• Capability to provide complete range of photogrammetric services
• Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and 3D modeling
Other Industries
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