Property Taxation

Empowering the municipal/urban local bodies
with better property tax management

Property Taxation

Using GIS for better property taxation

GISC provides property taxation services to many municipal/urban local bodies with the use of GIS and other advanced technologies.

A Municipal Corporation is a local governing body and is responsible for many activities like roads, public transportation, water supply, public safety services and much more. One of their main sources of generating funds is property taxation.

It includes base map creation including each built up, survey plot preparation, unique ID generation to each household, door to door survey to collect the database which possesses attributes of each individual property with information like land owner, co-owner, mailing & permanent address, house style, built year, dimensions of house and linking of data base with each individual plot. We have a vast experience in doing property taxation online using mobile phones/tablets and off line means as well. Our software engineers have developed web-based GIS applications for the same.

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