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Month: January 2017

How does GIS Prove Useful for the Government?

The Digital India Initiative is at full flow and with it many projects have come up. India is on a path of digital transformation and Geographic Information Systems have found great use in this initiative. GIS technology has allowed for better collection and analysis of data and ensured that local and even national Governments can now make more informed decisions about a particular geographic area.

GIS Service for Government Sector

GIS has evolved through the years and become much smarter than what it initially was. With latest technologies and equipment GIS services are able to provide a more in depth look into an area and help in better decision making. From natural resource management, to businesses, transportation, emergency response, urban planning and even health care such technology has found application in so many areas. It has proved to be a beneficial system for Government needs all over the world. Some of the many ways in which GIS proves useful for Governments include-

• It can help in better disaster management- Advanced planning can help avert major catastrophes and save numerous lives. GIS can be used to assess areas that are susceptible to disaster and thus, allow for better management

In health care also such systems find use and can help a lot in containing an epidemic. It can help the medical industry understand areas better and know which place needs what type of health care

The vision of smart cities can also benefit a lot from such systems

Emergency management and utility management can also be better handled with the use of such systems

With such urgency to protect our natural resources here too such systems can help in a big way

There are a lot more applications of GIS technology in Government needs and it is important that they make use of it to plan and make the best possible decisions.

GIS and Its Applications for Various Industries

Geographic Information Systems have a wide range of applications in different industries. These systems have become a key component in many organizations.  With the chance of visualizing and analyzing data better industries are able to understand recent trends and relationships more efficiently. GIS can help answer many geography based questions and it is exciting to see how in the future these systems will improve.

There are a lot of GIS applications for different industry needs the most popular of them being-

GIS applications

  • GIS In Mapping And Technology- If you have ever used Google maps to find a place near you then believe me you have made use of some kind of GIS technology. This is the central function of these systems and thus, they find used in any kind of mapping need and in the technology industry.


  • Government Needs- From agriculture needs to surveying areas, flood damage estimation and even disaster management, GIS systems can be used in all such applications for government needs.


  • Advertising- GIS today has even proved used for advertising as it can help in better decision making and identify areas where consumers are more likely to buy a certain products


  • Medical- The health and medicine industry can benefit greatly with the use of GIS. It can help in the collection of health data of a particular area, map out areas where there is a disease outbreak and do so much more


  • Insurance- Even here GIS systems prove useful in areas like catastrophe planning, risk prediction and analysis and customer service analysis


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Seeing this it is clear that GIS are not just restricted to be used in a single industry but find application in so many organizations.

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