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Agricultural & Irrigation

GISC takes advantage of the satellite and remote sensing technologies and maps not only for topography and crops but also for the help in developing elevation models for efficient drainage and levelling. These also help in managing and preserving the environment.

GIS mapping in the agricultural industry is vital to get accurate information of an agricultural landscape. We play an eminent role in the industry by helping farmers to increase production, improve understanding of farming areas, help promote agricultural development, and assist in identifying and handling issues important to strengthening the farming sector.

Our services and solutions can help in the following ways:

  • Crop mapping
  • Soil mapping
  • Land use / Land cover
  • Drought, flood mapping
  • Forestry mapping
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Erosion identification
  • Vegetation covers
  • Crop models
  • Pesticide management

Government Sectors

Many development authorities and town planning departments in various cities require accurate and timely geospatial information. We have a vast experience in land base mapping which includes features like settlement areas, agriculture land, residential, commercial, public facilities and services as well as transportation.

We have prepared detailed land base maps for many cities which can further be used for city planning. We take pride in delivering high quality geospatial data within the deadline.

Urban Local Bodies like Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils, and Municipal Committees in various cities are using GIS technology to manage their property/land records and fast-track taxation processes. We provide all kinds of GIS and IT related services for the ULBs and also develop web based applications for managing the data & resources digitally.

Information Services

We have continually serviced the diverse needs of our clients through our focused, innovative, and efficient services in all areas of spatial technology and applications.

We serve the following industries with our quality products and committed services:

  • Utilities
  • Land Records
  • Urban Development
  • Telecom, etc.

Land Records & Information

We are providing comprehensive land survey services across the country to support our client’s needs using advanced methodologies that are evolving with changing technologies and refined through our decades of experience in the area.

These services are being provided to several prestigious projects of the country like NLRMP / DILRMP (Digital India National Land Records Modernization Programme) of the Government of India for the states of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The services include Ground Control Points Monumentation, Aerial Image Acquisition /Aerial Survey, Image Processing and Updating Cadastral Maps using DGPS and ETS technologies which are being used for the first time in the country.

Mining & Minerals

We are capable of developing mineral exploration potential using GIS and surveys. This work includes preparation of different physiological, geographical layers, extensive surveying, followed by assigning weights, putting in model and then preparing mineral potential zones.

Oil & Gas

Geospatial information has become the key to the understanding and decision-making process in the Oil and Gas industry. Our ability to use data across different platforms and disciplines helps clients at extremely low costs and high quality of service. We have helped various leading Oil & Gas organizations including ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited).

Delivering oil and gas to the marketplace is a complex challenge, demanding high levels of expertise at every step. We provide our clients with geospatial services at each footstep; during exploration, corridor and site assessments, field development, production, and field abandonment.

Property Taxation

A Municipal Corporation is a local governing body and is responsible for many activities like roads, public transportation, water supply, public safety services and much more. One of their main sources of generating funds is property taxation.

It includes base map creation including each built up, survey plot preparation, unique ID generation to each household, door to door survey to collect the database which possesses attributes of each individual property with information like land owner, co-owner, mailing & permanent address, house style, built year, dimensions of house and linking of data base with each individual plot. We have a vast experience in doing property taxation online using mobile phones/tablets and off line means as well. Our software engineers have developed web-based GIS applications for the same.

Public Sector

GISC is associated with many public sectors like WAPCOS, UPTRON, and RITES. We offer a range of services such as:

  • Image procurement and image processing
  • Geo-referencing / ortho-rectification
  • DEM and contour generation
  • Base map creation
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Soil sample collection and analysis
  • GPS and DGPS based survey for attribute collection

Resources Industries

With the understanding of these factors, sound decisions can be arrived at, that will ensure sustainable use of natural resources to meet the needs of the present generation as well as future generations.

Some of the key resource sectors are:

  • Agriculture
  • Conservation
  • Forestry
  • Water resources
  • Environmental management
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas

Some of the key applications are:

  • In natural resource management, remote sensing and GIS is mainly used in the mapping process. These technologies can be used to develop a variety of maps. Examples include:

Smart Cities

The Ministry of Urban development has been working on improvement and development of urban infrastructure, making e-cities. GIS with IT plays an important role in bringing all information, data sets, and maps on a single digital platform.

We are highly capable of providing a wide range of services in making e-cities and online systems.

  • RS and GIS work including detailed level base map creation
  • Software development for transport and utility mapping
  • GPS, DGPS and ETS survey for land planning
  • Consumer and door to door survey
  • 3D Mapping, 3D building map, road and other infrastructure mapping
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