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Data Conversion

Geospatial data is captured from different platforms and in various formats. It therefore requires constant data conversions from one format to others. Cost-efficient & effective GIS data conversion services are always in demand to convert different GIS datasets from one format to another to avoid their recreation.

GIS data conversion services generally encodes geographical format in each file. With increasing use of geographical content into different sectors like telecom, electric utilities, retail, oil & gas, real estate, banking, insurance, GIS data conversion outsourcing is the best choice of converting the hard copy into digital formats and maximise the benefits of available data.

With a team of highly qualified data engineers, we offer data conversion outsourcing where raster images are transformed to vector formats and vice versa without losing the data quality and veracity. The data conversion services offered by us takes care of the compatibility and interoperability between formats which generally creates big issues while moving data between various applications.

Outsource your GIS data conversion into our reliable hands and we will ensure seamless data conversion across various formats that are compatible to any software application and solution.


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Our data conversion outsourcing services include:

  • Topographic map creation, basemap creation, landbase creation
  • Mapping of Utilities, Infrastructure
  • Vectorisation and digitisation
  • Georectification and georeferencing
  • Raster and Vector editing
  • Digital image processing and Image classification
  • LiDAR data processing and conversion
  • Data integration services
  • Aerial data capture and processing
  • Drone data capture and processing



Data conversion projects outsourcing is more than just a service, it is building partnerships and forming long lasting relationships. Further, with technological advancements and coming together of diverse technologies both in spatial as well as non-spatial data, data conversion outsourcing services now involves integration and interoperability among the varied data formats and types.


Data conversion outsourcing services now have to re-engineer the data from one format to another. This requires highly skilled manpower in data science and engineering. Having a consistent experience of timely delivery of projects to both national and international clients for more than 18 years we are one of the reliable data conversion outsourcing companies.

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Transform data from its current format into a digital format

Existed One is Fine
We are a specialized team of design and drafting engineers who generate the desired digital data while following the latest technologies and tools.

One of the most valuable aspects in GIS is the digital representation of an image. GISC has the capability to convert hard copy into a wide range of electronic formats. Our integrated processes for conversion convert architectural, mechanical and various technical drawings, maps and other types of line artwork into the desired formats with fine quality of high-end products.

In some cases, the data is already in a digital format, but often this data is not compatible with the current or other system. Conversion of data from one digital format to a new digital format is referred to as data translation. GISC’s team of experienced and multi-skilled specialists has a vast knowledge of converting various types of geospatial data.

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Creating data in three dimensions


Three-dimensional viewing can provide in depth details that would not be apparent from a 2D map.

3D is not only for viewing purposes but can be useful for many professional analysis and applications like watershed management, landslide hazard zonation, urban planning, and management.

We have an experienced team for generating 3D models using stereo images. We also offer services of generating DEM from stereo imagery, ortho-rectification of images, 3D digitization and capturing contours in different intervals.

With the help of topographic maps, GIS Consortium has created Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) for different domestic and international clients.


Get geographic coordinates to the spatial data

Geo Referencing

Converting hard copies in digital format is not just enough.

Further analysis or modelling requires data set to be correctly geo-referenced. Geo-referencing means assigning geographic coordinates to the spatial data. GISC offers all kinds of registration techniques.

Image Processing

Satellite/Aerial images form the base of GIS based applications

Image processing

Know about processing high-resolution imagery into raster data products.

The activities include removal of distortions in images (geo-rectification, ortho-rectification) and ensuring that the output is of high quality in terms of clarity, resolution, and color.

We also create value-added image products from satellite imagery, including pan-sharpened multi spectral imagery products, natural color pan-sharpened products, seamless mosaics for satellite images and land use/land cover mosaics for large areas.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Image enhancement
  • Cloud/haze removal
  • Geo-positioning
  • Mosaicking
  • Colour balancing
  • Seamless image products
  • Data merging
  • Image filtering
  • Band rationing
GIS Images processing

LiDAR Data Processing

Accurate 3D scans for effectiveness

LiDAR Data Processing

LiDAR mapping is an extremely economical, fast and accurate way to perform 3D scans of the Earth’s surface and objects.

We perform rapid surveys over large land areas with accuracy and deliver data quickly. We have experts who conduct Aerial LiDAR surveys and aerial laser scanning surveys. We also have an in-house team of experienced data processing professionals. We provide a combination of solutions in LiDAR for carrying out wide area surveys for mines, forests, and cities. We have experience of conducting corridor surveys for power lines, roads, railways, coastline and pipeline.

Mapping & Planimetry

Use 2D & 3D images for effective planning

Mapping & Planimetry Services

Looking for a map of your area to plan your development? Get in touch with us, we provide mapping services.

Planimetric maps develop natural features with correct coordinates & locations. These features include vegetation, fences, utility poles, drainage systems, pathways, road boundaries and more.

We generate images to either 2D or 3D formats. We also provide our services to clients with updated planimetric mapping by overlaying the original planimetry over the new imagery, which can be useful to identify the changes happening in the areas.

Natural Resource Management

Analyse & map resources for a sustainable tomorrow

Natural Resource Management Mapping

GIS is a powerful analytical tool for Natural Resource Management as it is capable of overlaying data sets to identify links.

The socio-economic development of any country is based on the sustainable use of its natural resources – both land and water. Due to the recent increase in population, these resources are overburdened, often leading to resource depletion.

We are the experts in the area of efficient mapping, monitoring, assessing and managing natural resources. We have used high-resolution multi-date satellite imageries with GIS integration to analyze and facilitate decision mapping for effective natural resource management.


Digital Photogrammetric Mapping & Integration

Mapping through Photogrammetry

We are a leader in digital photogrammetric mapping, change detection and GIS database updating, satisfying client specifications and supporting data integration.

GISC offers photogrammetric services from Aerial Photographs and Stereo Satellite Images using the latest aerial and satellite photography equipment, software and state-of-the-art technology.

GISC provides photogrammetric solutions to meet the user’s needs with the best quality and at a globally competitive price. The solutions are tailor-made based on the specific requirements of the clients.

Services offered include:

• Aerial Photography, LiDAR Data Acquisition & High Resolution Satellite Images
• Digital Aerial Triangulation for Aerial Photos/Exterior Orientation(EO) for Satellite
• Topographic/Planimetric Mapping and Updating
• DEM/DTM/ Contour Generation
• Digital Ortho-photo Generation/ Mosaicing/ Tiling

GISC’s ortho-photography data processing workflow system is completely integrated with its photogrammetric mapping and GIS processes. GISC’s specialised team uses some of the most advanced software to accurately create and produce high accuracy products from high resolution imageries.

Smart City & Tax Reform Services

Smarter property taxation for smart cities

Urban Development Planning

The Ministry of Urban Development has been working on many missions under smart city concept along with improvement of property tax collection under AMRUT mission.

GISC is empaneled to provide complete technical assistance and implementation for the work of property tax to the smart cities of India. Besides the smart cities, GISC is well experienced in providing GIS based property taxation work followed by the development of the application.

We provide the following services:

  • Survey and measurement of the properties through Smart Phones/Tablets with real-time transmission
  • Offline door to door survey, measurement and development of Property Tax Management Systems Software
  • Use of advanced instruments like Electronic Distance Meter for measurement of properties

Smart Cities

Scanning & Digitisation

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In this era of digital world, hard copies need to be converted to digital form before being used for any service, application, etc.

Digital maps are easy to maintain, take up less space and can be preserved for a longer time. We have been doing projects where scanning and digitization of images, maps, documents and more are pre-requisite.

Our services include management, alignment, scanning & indexing of digital data. We take care of each aspect to preserve the originality of the document. We also provide solutions such as Document Management Systems for easy retrieval of the scanned & digitized documents.

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