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GIS Applications in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

GIS has found use in many areas and has proven to be an asset to numerous industries. From agriculture to natural resource management and even urban planning GIS can be used in all such fields and many more to make better decisions and gain comprehensive geographic information about an area.

Though GIS applications may be many but when it comes to use of GIS in agriculture there is an essential role that these systems plays. Similarly even in natural geo resource management GIS can prove to be very useful. Some of the most important benefits of such systems in these field include-

GIS in Agriculture-

  • With GIS systems people are able to map and project current and future fluctuations in precipitation, temperature, crop output and much more.


  • These systems assist farmers in creating more efficient farming techniques which will yield better crops


  • These systems also help in soil analysis to find out which places are suitable for a particular crop


  • From area mapping to finding resources nearby there is a lot that these systems can do for agriculture needs

GIS in Natural Resource Management-


  • From land covers maps to vegetation maps, soil maps and geology maps all these can be developed using these systems


  • From gathering information regarding all present natural resources in a particular area to analysis and management all this can be done using this system


  • Using these systems can help manage, preserve and restore natural resources so that they can be used by the present as well as future generations


There is a lot that GIS is capable of in both these fields and is a system that proves very beneficial for decision making and geography management.

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